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Mission Statement & Educational Beliefs

Torah Tots Preschool will provide the Jewish children of Southern Nevada with a Jewish education based on Torah and Halacha together with a comprehensive present day education so that they will be fully prepared to participate as highly successful students in elementary school and beyond.  Part of our mission is to  reach out to the parent body of our students, to expose them to the richness of Jewish traditions, laws and holidays and to help them to learn and grow together with their children.


We believe….

In fostering a positive Jewish identity and love of Torah in our students.

that the teachings of Chabad philosophy are an important component in fostering this love of Torah.

that it is our duty to be respectful of the diversity of backgrounds of our students in religious observance and practice.

that family and school must work as a team in order to provide the best education for a child.

that it is our duty to provide financial aide in the form of scholarships to those families who truly need it.

that our curriculum and teaching methodology, both secular and Judaic, be shaped for optimum responsiveness to the unique strengths and learning styles of each student.

that we must expose our children to moral and ethical beliefs and teachings so that they grow to be upright and productive American citizens.

that it is our duty to teach our children to love the land of Israel and the Hebrew language spoken there.

that we must instill our students with a love of learning so they will become lifelong learners.

that our school can serve as a valuable resource to the overall Jewish community of Southern Nevada.

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