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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Desert Torah Academy is to provide the Jewish children of Southern Nevada with an outstanding Judaic, Hebrew and Secular education.  DTA staff will help promote students’ growth as active learners; respectful, responsible citizens; and independent thinkers. In our stimulating and safe learning environment, our students will grow in appreciation of Jewish tradition and culture while being prepared for success in high school and life in the world community.

Vision Statement

Desert Torah Academy was founded on the principles of Chabad philosophy, which is a way of life that integrates the love of G‑d, intellectual knowledge and understanding of the Torah, and the appreciation of the uniqueness of every individual of the community.

Our administration and staff implement this philosophy in all areas of Judaic and general studies while fostering a supportive environment for all our students. By empowering the head, heart and soul, a Desert Torah Academy education provides our students with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful and to become members of contemporary society.

It is our hope to inspire our students to become active members of the Jewish community.  Furthermore, in keeping with the teachings of Taanach, we hope that they will inspire their parents and community to join them on the path of Judaism.

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